Company Info

Extreme Cold assists our manufacturing engineering services customers with product manufacturing processes and product cost management, by understanding our client’s product’s physical complexities and mass manufacturing needs. We apply our manufacturing engineering capabilities and assist our customers in effective product cost management. Cost management is an intrinsic part of our product development process. We treat target cost from concept through manufactured part as an integral design parameter, which needs to be achieved during the product design and development phase. This typically includes working closely with the Marketing-Branding Industrial Design, CAD-CAE-CAM and manufacturing team, while seeking opportunities to use “state of the art” materials and manufacturing processing to better develop, manufacture, and ultimately assemble your product. Our Engineering expertise extends across the critical basic manufacturing production processes, from custom injection molded polymers or plastics to forging, die casting, and machining metals or newly available hybrid materials. WhiteLight Design’s manufacturing knowledge will guide your team and product through the entire mass production, manufacturing process in the most effective manner. Our team is highly experienced in the field. Coupled with our state of the ERP system we keep in close contact with our clients and offer them best in class real time information on order and in-process shipments. Our state of the art dashboards allow our customers to take a total view of the process from start to finish.